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Top 10 Cannabis Sativa Strains of 2020

Top 10 Cannabis Sativa Strains of 2020

If we learned anything in 2020, it’s that anything can happen. Life can change in an instant. When this happens, it is best to have loved ones with you, and of course, your favourite weed. Let’s take a look at the top best Sativa strains for 2020.

Many people tend to lean towards the indica strains in the belief that sativas are not potent enough. But this is only a misconception. Some sativa strains have a high THC concentration, up to 30 percent, like the high-quality indicas. The advantage is that you get high without feeling drowsy like you would with a top-shelf indica. Sativas allows you to remain productive yet buzzed. Here is a selection of the top 10 cannabis sativa strains you need in 2020.

1. Jamaican Dream

The Jamaican Dream is famous in the weed community. This fast-hitting strain is 90 percent sativa with THC ranging between 17 and 21 percent. Jamaican Dream is a perfect ‘wake and bake,’ and its effects last longer. The buzz from it feels like you just took some quality coffee. It may have a coffee flavour or be infused with some fruity tropical flavour like pineapple and citrus. Its spicy and peppery aftertaste is impressive too. 

You will enjoy a lightweight euphoria and elevated mood. People with depression and fatigue may find the Jamaican Dream an energy and mood fix.

2. Green Crack

If you want a strain that will boost your focus and creativity, Green Crack it is. With its 20 percent THC, this strain is among the most potent. Green Crack gives you a cognitive high that is both euphoric and energizing. It motivates you but also relaxes you profoundly.  The result is a clear head that can generate creative ideas and boost on your focus. Work done in this mental state is often high quality.

3. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is the fuel you need for when you need a stimulating effect that lasts many hours. It gets the name from its pungent diesel-like aroma and an earthy sour taste it leaves on the tongue. The combination of unpleasant taste and smell may be off-putting, but those that have tried it swear by it. With 22 percent THC, this strain is fast-acting. You will enjoy the energizing and dreamy cerebral high that gave this strain its legendary status.

Sour Diesel

4. Purple Haze

The Purple Haze is another sativa-dominant strain known for delivering bursts of euphoria and relaxation. It gets its name from the vibrant lavender hues on its buds. Even stoners with long-term experience talk about the high-quality psychedelic effect they get from this strain. But, with THC levels ranging from 16 to 20 percent, even novice users can give it a try. The Purple Haze delivers high energy and stimulates the brain, awakening creativity and idyllic contentment that lasts all day.

5. Durban Poison 

The list would not be complete without this excellent landrace sativa. Grown in Durban, South Africa, this marijuana strain is among the few sativa strains that occur naturally. Durban Poison has a reputation for delivering a high that is difficult to forget. Its accompanying sweet piney flavour gives notes of earth, anise, wood, spice, and licorice that give it a perfect finish. Although it has a high THC level of 24 percent, the Durban Poison is beginner-friendly. When you need a shot of espresso to power your day, opt for the Durban Poison.

6. Jack Herer

The Jack Herer strain is a must-have in any list of the best sativa strains also. The strain is named after an American cannabis activist who fought for cannabis legalization. Jack Herer is quite popular as a ‘wake and bake’ weed that delivers a relaxing, happy, and uplifting experience. Besides providing a recreational high, Jack Herer is accepted for medical uses. It has THC levels ranging from 15 to 24 percent and is suitable for newbies also. You will enjoy its energy boost and the advantage of not getting too stoned.

7. Amnesia Haze 

The name of this strain can be misleading. Amnesia Haze is highly potent, but will certainly not leave your memory severely impaired. It is popular among persons with creative professions as they find it inspirational and a boost to their creativity. It also heightens focus and motivation, courtesy of its psychotropic effects. Users say that Amnesia Haze’s earthy and citrusy aroma lifts their mood. With 24 percent THC content, this strain is quite potent, and all users, beginners, and regulars should approach it slowly.

Amnesia Haze 

8. Strawberry Cough 

Drawing from its name, the Strawberry Cough tastes and smells like strawberries, but makes you cough even when you are used to hitting joints. The coughing creates a sense of expansion in the lungs, shooting the vapour or smoke deeper into the lungs. Strawberry Cough delivers an intense yet delicious uplifting euphoria that causes happiness and ease. The potency in this strain is formidable, with its THC levels ranging between 25 and 36 percent. Strawberry Cough is famous for driving the mind to think immediate creative thoughts and draining out any anxiety.

9. Panama Haze

The Panama Haze is a hybrid, pure sativa. It is the outcome of crossing the Green Haze, Purple Haze, and the F10 Panama elite. With its THC level at 23 percent, Panama Haze has robust and long-lasting psychedelic effects that last the entire day. An aromatic cocktail of the lemon, incense, and spice flavour complements the high. It is perfect for when you’re hanging out with friends, out camping, or doing fun activities at the beach.

10. Candyland 

This gentle sativa gives you a light high and relaxes you. It is ideal for persons who are new or cannot handle sativas. You will feel an earthy flavour with spices and fruity sweetness when you smoke it. Candyland is mentally stimulating and does not result in anxiety or paranoia. It produces a feeling of relaxation, and euphoria giving you an uplifted and mellow mood.  Persons who cannot handle the high energy that some sativa strains offer may find Candyland to be the perfect ‘wake and bake.’

All sativa strains are unique, and each has a different effect based on its THC concentration. Visit Daily Marijuana Canada for these weed strains and other marijuana products to get your year going. 

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