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Ready To Learn How To Use A Weed Pipe?

Ready To Learn How To Use A Weed Pipe

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Smoking with a pipe might seem old-school, but pipes are undoubtedly traditional and classy ways to smoke up. Regardless of whether you’re ready to learn how to smoke a pipe for tobacco or are curious about how to use a weed pipe, a pipe is a versatile tool you’ll be glad to have in your arsenal.

If you’re like most people, someone important in your life already smokes a pipe. Maybe your grandfather, an uncle, dad, or a close family friend brought out his pipe on holidays and special occasions. Let’s be honest; you always thought that pipe was a classy and impressive symbol of masculinity. If these memories have inspired you to learn how to use a weed pipe, you’ve come to the right place.

The Main Types Of Pipe

Most pipes come in one of two styles. Pipes with a carb usually have a small hole the smoker can use to clear smoke out of the pipe. This style of pipe is also called a bowl or a spoon. Carbs can hold a large amount of tobacco, weed, or other smokable substance. Friends who smoke together usually pass the carb to the next person after a few puffs.

The other main pipe style doesn’t have a carb and is called ‘chillums’ or one-hitters. Carb-less pipes come in many different shapes and sizes. They tend to look very different from carbs and are more similar to cigarettes.

When you’re figuring out how to smoke out of a pipe, you’ll see that ash is the main difference between joints and pipes. Joints are more portable than pipes, but they also create lots of ash and smoke. Many people like knowing how to use a weed pipe because pipes give a cleaner, less smoky experience.

If you don’t know how to smoke a pipe or how to use a pipe for weed, this guide will get you up to speed. Let’s ready to learn everything you need to know for how to use a weed pipe.

Understanding The Basics Of Your Smoking Pipe

Most pipes include three essential elements:

  • The mouthpiece. That is the part of the pipe you put in your mouth to inhale.
  • The bowl of the spoon. That is the other end of the pipe, where you place your cannabis flower or tobacco.
  • The hole. In carb-style pipes, the hole is how you clear smoke from the pipe.

When you’re ready to buy your first pipe, go with one that speaks to your style. A pipe that suits your lifestyle and meets your needs is the best choice for you. You don’t need anything fancy. When you’re still learning how to smoke out of a pipe, a simple style is most straightforward for beginners to use.

You’ll find lots of pipe options available in local shops and online stores. There are many designs to explore, from chillums that look like they’re made of clear glass or styled after cigarettes to a vast assortment of colours, shapes, and styles. Once you know how to use a weed pipe, it’s most important to choose between a one-hitter pipe or a more substantial bowl.

If you typically enjoy your weed by yourself, then a one-hitter pipe is the right size for you. But if you love smoking with friends, a bowl is great for groups. Visit your local dispensary such as to browse pipes in person and get a feel for the different options.

Here’s How You Fill A Pipe

It’s not hard to learn how to use a glass pipe or one-hitter. Filling your pipe is easy, and you’ll quickly get the hang of this method. 

Most users prefer ground cannabis in pipes. This material burns evenly, helping you enjoy uniform hits. You can use your grinder or your fingers to break your cannabis buds into small pieces.

Look at the size of your pipe to figure out how much weed you need. That is one of the most apparent elements of how to smoke a pipe. A large bowl needs a large amount of marijuana, but a one-hitter gives you great results from just a little bit of pot. If you’re new to smoking THC, start with a small amount at first. You can always add more to your pipe when you’re ready to advance.

Once you load your pipe, put the mouthpiece in your mouth, then light up the cannabis in the bowl with your light. Inhale through the mouthpiece, and that’s it! Once you learn how to use a pipe for weed, it’s easy to see why people have enjoyed marijuana throughout history.

A trick to using a carb pipe is to cover the hole for the first part of your inhale. Let go during the second half so air will flow through the hole as you breathe in.

Learning How To Clean Your Pipe Is Super Important

Now that you know how to use a glass pipe, it’s essential to keep your equipment clean. Did you know that the average cannabis pipe is full of bacteria? Pipes can carry more bacteria than dog bowls, public toilet seats, and other items you would never put in your mouth. Luckily, it’s easy to keep your pipe clean. You can soak pipes in isopropyl alcohol or acetone for around three minutes to kill most germs.

Protect Your Pipe With A Padded Case For Longevity

Once you’ve ready learn how to use a weed pipe, you should consider maintaining your pipes for the long haul. You can enjoy your pipes for years to come by storing them in protective, padded cases. Glass, crystal, and other delicate pipes should be kept safely in their storage boxes when you’re not smoking. Wood and metal pipes are sturdier, but you should still put them away when you’re not using them. Protect the pets and children in your life by keeping your pipes someplace where only adults can reach.


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