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The Difference Between CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, And THC Oil

The Difference Between CBD Oil Hemp Oil And THC Oil

Smoking cannabis flowers isn’t the only way for people to enjoy the benefits marijuana and its different compounds offer. The use of different cannabis oils is also a popular option.

The first time you go searching for oils, you may be surprised to discover the variety of options. There is CBD oil, THC oil, and hemp oil, and all these types of oils can come in different flavours and various ingredients included.

So, are they all the same? Which type of oil should you purchase?

In short, no: They are three different products, each offering different benefits and reasons why you may want to use them. We’ll take a look at what distinguishes these three products to help you understand the difference and make a more informed purchasing decision.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract of CBD, one of the compounds found in cannabis. There are three types of CBD oil on the market, each made up of varying compounds. The three types of CBD oil are:

  1. Full-spectrum CBD oil – This type of CBD oil will have a richer profile than others. It contains all the compounds of the plant in addition to the CBD. This oil will likely contain trace amounts of THC.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD oil – This type of CBD oil will contain other compounds of the cannabis plant like the full-spectrum does. Unlike full-spectrum oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil will not contain any THC.
  3. CBD isolate – This oil is CBD in its purest form. This type of oil will only have CBD in it and no other compounds.

The type of CBD oil you decide to use will vary based on your desired effects. If you’d like a fuller experience with a little bit of the high marijuana is known for, for example, you’d want to try full-spectrum CBD oil. If you are nervous about experiencing a high, look for an isolate option.

CBD oil is not well regulated. Before buying CBD oil, look at the ingredients and testing results to ensure your isolate truly does contain only CBD and no other products. Also, take a moment to check that your broad-spectrum CBD oil contains other compounds but no THC.

CBD oil can be used in many ways. Some users may add a drop or two to their favourite meal. Others may apply the oil directly to the skin to help relieve sore muscles or irritation. Another option is simply taking the oil orally.

What is CBD Oil

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil and CBD oil are sometimes referred to interchangeably, however, they are different products. Hemp oil may also be listed as hemp seed oil, which really is a more fitting name.

Hemp oil is created from the seeds of hemp plants. These seeds are pressed so that the oil leaks out. This oil is actually very rich in various nutrients such as various fatty acids, vitamins, and even minerals; that’s why you may see hemp oil in health markets or worked into wellness products. 

What makes hemp oil different than CBD oil – and even THC oil – is the fact that hemp oil does not contain THC and will contain little to no CBD. If the hemp oil does contain small amounts of CBD, it won’t be very potent.

Hemp oil’s lack of these two compounds means people wouldn’t want to purchase hemp oil with the intention of getting high. Instead, hemp oil is typically more appealing and offers more benefits as a nutritional supplement.

What is THC Oil?

THC is the most prominent compound found in cannabis flowers, and it has an important job: THC is the compound in cannabis that is responsible for the high feeling people associate with marijuana use. THC oil is THC in its purest form.

THC oil is appealing to cannabis enthusiasts because it has such a high concentration of THC. Cannabis flowers will often contain no more than 20 percent THC, which is considered a relatively high amount for a bud. THC oil, on the other hand, can contain anywhere from 60 to 90 percent THC.

This means you can expect a powerful high and strong effects when using THC oil. Unlike CBD or hemp oil which can be used for more health benefits, THC is pretty much purely used for recreational purposes. However, those new to marijuana should use THC oil with caution and start with a low dose until they know how it will affect them.

The most common way for people to use THC oil is through vaping. Vape pens heat the oil, allowing users to inhale the vapours it emits. Vaping is among one of the most popular ways to use marijuana, and its popularity seems to only continue to grow.

THC oil could also be used sublingually, which means placing a drop or two under the tongue. Users could also potentially put THC on their food as they would do with CBD oil. However, most THC oil is used in vape pens.

What is THC Oil

Final Thoughts

CBD oil, hemp oil, and THC oil are all part of the cannabis market, but that’s about where their similarities end.

Though CBD and THC oil are made by extracting compounds from a cannabis plant, hemp oil is created from the seeds of a hemp plant. Because hemp oil is made from hemp seeds, you may also see it labelled as hemp seed oil.

CBD and THC both offer different effects and benefits. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help people relax and get a good night’s sleep. THC provides users with the high they are used to getting from marijuana.

Hemp oil contains no THC and limited and ineffective amounts of CBD (if there is any in it at all). Instead, hemp offers nutritional benefits thanks to the fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals it contains.

Before purchasing any type of oil, make sure you know what effects you hope to achieve. This will help you choose the right type of oil for you.

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