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What Does It Feel Like to Be High on Marijuana?

What Does It Feel Like to Be High on Marijuana

If you never tried marijuana, you must wonder what it feels like to get stoned or get high. Marijuana is now a popular relaxation drug, and across your friendship circles, you may have heard people talk about how they felt after indulging in a particular strain. Some say they felt relaxed, had more appetite, or could not control laughter. Others had a negative experience as they felt paranoid and completely insecure. 

From these testimonies, a weed “high” appears to be far much more different from an alcohol “high.” A “high” from weed appears to be strange but fun. So, What Does It Feel Like to Be High on Marijuana?

It Depends on You

The outcome of consuming marijuana varies. Although some effects are common, the majority of them depend on the individual. Your experience largely depends on some personal factors rather than caused by the weed itself. Your frame of mind, the people you are with, and the setting determine your experience. Weed only serves to accentuate what you are already feeling. If you were angry, anxious, or happy, your high brings out those feelings even more. It’s best to be happy and in a comfortable setting before indulging in weed.  

The Stages of Being High 

Although getting high is unique, the feeling can be generalized into stages that most people go through. Whether you take in your weed through smoking, vaping, or eating edibles, once the weed kicks in, expect to go through these stages. But, the speed with which you manoeuvre these stages depends on the strain type, method of use, dose, potency, and your physiology. The frequency of use, drugs, sex, and age also matter.

1. Waiting for the Hit

After smoking or vaping, it may take at least two minutes to begin to feel something. If you ingest your weed, it will take far much longer. However, when the weed starts to kick in, you begin to feel slightly dizzy and slowly lose consciousness. You may start wondering what is happening around you, but will be fully aware that you’re not sober. If you took an edible, be patient and alert because the high tends to sneak up on you. 

The High Strikes 

2. The High Strikes 

In this stage, you are already stoned, baked, or whatever you call it. You start to feel a sense of euphoria, which can be described as having some self-confidence along with a feeling of ease and intense joy. Some people begin to laugh uncontrollably, especially at things that would not be funny otherwise. For others, time ceases to be linear. It appears as though everything is moving at a much slower pace than usual, which allows them to see things they would not otherwise. When looking around, the world appears as a series of photos taken a fraction of a second apart, rather than things happening in real-time. 

The high feeling often depends on the weed strain you picked. Some strains will make you restless and drive you into taking action, while others make you relax completely. If you were worried or anxious about something, this is when all those disturbing thoughts fade. They cease to be as significant as you thought them to be.

3. The Peak Stage

In this stage, the THC exerts its full effect. The period between this and step two, when smoking or vaping, is only a few minutes. However, with weed edibles, it may take a couple of hours or more. When it eventually happens, a hit from a high THC weed can knock you down fast and heavy. 

Some people become more mindful. They start to listen to sounds, like music, more intently. Colours start to appear brighter and more vivid. Some deep philosophical thoughts may also come up. For example, you may start to think about the meaning of life, life after death, and other obscure concepts.

4. The Paranoia Stage

The majority of weed users get paranoid, but this is only when they overdose. It is also during this stage that you may also start to feel hungry. Therefore, have some easily accessible food or snacks. 

You will notice you are paranoid when you start thinking that people around you are out to get you. For example, if you are walking along the road and a car drives by, you may start to think that its occupants are kidnappers with plans against you. If you walk by someone on the street, you may think that he or she is a government spy sent to watch you. If you are lying down in your house, you may start to see the ceiling falling on you. Ideas these crazy come up for the length of this phase. The more THC in your system, the longer the paranoia stage will be. This stage of what it feels like to be high on marijuana should noted.

5. Settling Down

After an hour or two of being high and paranoid, the effects of the weed start to wear off. Assuming that you have not added to your dose in the last four stages, your system starts to calm down. The cloudiness and nothingness you felt in the previous steps start to dissipate. If you smoked a sativa, you might find that as your mind clears, your focus sharpens, and you start getting creative. Under this influence, you might also want to do the repetitive tasks you usually detest. Also, since your energy levels will still be high, you may also do anything you postponed. Your colleagues and bosses will marvel at your productivity.

The Return 

6. The Return 

This stage marks the end of the weed’s effects. You will find that coming down from a weed high is decently gentle and gradual. You do not descend from an enjoyable high to a blunt sober. Weed takes you down the hill slowly. Unlike other drugs, you will not be nauseous nor have a headache. You will not also get a strong urge to be high again. Go ahead and rest. 

However, you might still feel something the next day. The body will still be breaking down the THC, and being fat-soluble, it might take quite a long time to synthesis completely. 

In closing 

When you get high, it’s not mandatory to go through all the stages. For example, if you are uncomfortable with paranoia, you can try a cannabis strain that does not cause it. Also, you can reduce your dosage a little. Otherwise, if you are relaxed and in the right frame of mind, you will enjoy being high. Browse through the Daily Marijuana online marijuana dispensary for some good quality weed. We also offer great advice on the marijuana strain that will suit your needs. We hope you learned a lot about what it feels like to be high on marijuana.

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