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Cannabis in 2021: 6 Things to Watch

Cannabis 2021 6 Things to Watch

Cannabis, marijuana, or weed, whatever you call it, is having a moment. Though it has been a few years since marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Canada, the weed movement continues to grow across the globe. 

2021 is also a unique year. Last year, the world was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. This unprecedented event has led to changes in people’s behaviour, including what they use, how they spend money, and even how they shop.

When these factors are combined, it is safe to say that cannabis will continue to grow in 2021 and beyond. But, let’s take a look at six cannabis trends to watch in 2021.

1. The Continuing Legalization of Marijuana Across the World. 

Though Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2019, not all countries have joined us yet. Our neighbours to the south, the United States, for example, only has recreational weed legalized in 15 out of their 50 states.

But, the movement to legalize marijuana in all forms continues to grow. The cannabis markets continue to grow in Europe, Africa, and India. Plus, many experts are interested in seeing the effect of the so-called “Brexit” in the United Kingdom on the marijuana industry. Many expect this divide to open new doors for marijuana legalization.

2. COVID-19 Recovery

Last year saw people facing new and unexpected challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. As countries shut down and people went into quarantine, cannabis became more popular with people trying to cope. 

Many countries are also struggling financially due to the pandemic. This may lead them to seek new sources of tax revenue. Some countries may find medical and recreational cannabis as a way to bring in more money. 

Finally, as the world races to get the pandemic under control, some scientists are actively researching the effect weed can have on COVID-19 patients. Specifically, scientific groups are looking at how marijuana can be used to fight or manage COVID-induced symptoms, both in the short term and long term for those who have already been infected.

CBD Will Continue to be Popular

3. CBD Will Continue to be Popular

CBD products such as gummies and edibles have recently become more popular. This popularity is due to a few factors:

  • Their availability. CBD products are often more readily available and accepted than cannabis products. 
  • Their lack of high. Since CBD contains no THC (or trace amounts), people can get the relaxing effects marijuana offers without the high that some find unappealing. 

For these reasons, many experts predict CBD products will remain popular among general populations. The increase in CBD beauty and facial products demonstrates how the industry adapts to meet this increased desire for CBD.

4. The Rise of the Cannabis Beverage

Though cannabis growers have had trouble combining weed with drinks in the past, the demand for marijuana beverages has continued to grow. And no, cannabis beverages do not mean purchasing a drink and dropping a few buds in there.

Thanks to continued research, new infusion techniques and technologies are being developed. These technologies help brewers and growers alike create beverages that taste good, are healthy, and meet user’s needs. 

Some marijuana companies offer mixes such as THC drink mixes to put into beverages, but these are different. These are drinks created with cannabis in them, making the weed part of the flavour profile.

5. We Will Continue to Learn More About Marijuana Compounds

Marijuana plants consist of over 100 cannabinoid compounds and things called terpenes. But, right now, we know surprisingly little about these compounds. The two we know the most about, CBD and THC, are just a small part of the marijuana flower’s makeup.

The more familiar science can get with the compounds found in cannabis, the more we can unlock the plant’s full potential. This understanding will help us better learn the effect cannabis can have on the body, drive new products to meet people’s needs, and even help growers create new strains. Without a doubt, the potential is unlimited.

Learn More About Marijuana Compounds

6. Cannabis Stock Is Becoming More Popular

Any investor or broker will tell you; a diversified stock portfolio is key to increasing your income. What is a unique product to add to your stock portfolio than marijuana?

Though marijuana stocks are still volatile, they have shown signs of improvement, with some companies even starting to turn the occasional profit. Many experts predict that this stock will only continue to improve as more of the world opens up to the legalization of marijuana.Cannabis stocks are also an option for investors who want to get in on a stock before it takes off. The hope is that by investing now at a low price, the stock will grow, making the investor a nice profit down the road. 

Keep in mind that before you invest, it is essential to consult your broker or financial consultant. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of any changes to your portfolio and help you make the best decision possible. 

Honourable Mention: Shopping Online

Shopping online has become more commonplace as people stayed home last year. The desire to avoid contact with too many people led consumers to the internet to find products they need. This is also true when it comes to purchasing cannabis. 

Online marijuana retailers are becoming a popular way for marijuana users to purchase weed. Not only does it help them avoid crowds, but buying online can also help people keep their anonymity, especially for those who don’t want everyone to know they are purchasing weed. 

But, with increased online stores comes the risk of scams. Be sure to do your research before buying weed or other cannabis products to ensure you are buying from a reputable company.

In Conclusion

Though nobody can predict what 2021 will bring, it will be interesting to see how the cannabis market continues to evolve and grow.

Keep an eye on these six cannabis in 2021 trends. We’ll check back next year to see how we did.

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