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What Does Weed Smell Like?

What Does Weed Smell Like

Pot has an odour thats too complex to wrap up in a single word. What does weed smell like? This question can be hard to answer! Many pot lovers describe weed as smelling earthy and herbal all at once. Other people think of marijuana with a woody scent and a floral touch, such as lemon, plum, or apple. A few people even find that cannabis smells like diesel gasoline. These descriptions are all based on cannabis before its smoked.

What does cannabis smell like after you light up? Theres usually a distinctive smell of piney, skunky grass after you enjoy your weed. This odour comes from the cannabis leaves left behind after smoking. Youre probably familiar with the idea that pot is smelly. Pop culture, movies, and even local law enforcement spread the idea that weed can be identified based purely on smell. However, it can be tricky to place the exact smell of weed. So what does marijuana smell like? Unfortunately, it can be hard to identify cannabis by smell correctly.

Many factors influence the question of what does weed smell like. The age of your bud seems to place a significant role in its smell. Cannabis strains have less of a skunky smell when harvested early in their life cycle. Fresh young pot also tends to have a milder scent and smoke.

What are terpene 3

Terpenes Play A Big Role In How Weed Smells

Cannabis is full of organic compounds known as terpenes. Terpenes have a significant influence on marijuanas taste and smell, but theyre found in many other plants as well. For example, Myrcene is found in mangoes, pinene in pine trees, limonene in lemons, etc. When terpenes are present in marijuana strains, they change the smell of the weed. For example, cannabis with pinene smells like pine.

What does cannabis smell like, and why does it smell different from time to time? Various terpenes and other odours create a different smell. For example, when pot is smoked as a joint, it will smell like weed, but also like fire, smoke, ash, and rolling paper. This combination of scents creates the overall odour of smoked weed.

What Does A Person Smell Like After Smoking Weed?

Like with any kind of smokable, the scent of marijuana tends to stick to the smoker. It can also infuse other people in the area, even if they arent smoking themselves. What does weed smell like on your hair, clothes, and body? The scent of weed is amplified through smoking, so you will have a slight skunky smell after you smoke up.

Okay, so maybe you want to enjoy a smoky session but skip the lingering odour. What does marijuana smell like when you choose a synthetic weed? Lab-created weed is usually mixed with other chemicals, sprayed onto plant-like substances before theyre smoked. Synthetic weed isnt related to the actual cannabis plant, so it doesnt have the traditional pot smell. If youre worried about what does weed smell like on your body, consider a synthetic pot like spice, mamba, and K2.

What If Your Weed Doesnt Smell Right

What If Your Weed Doesnt Smell Right?

Weve learned how pot should smell when its ready to smoke, but what does cannabis smell like when its gone bad? You should always give your stash a sniff test and trust your nose. If your weed ever smells like a shut-up closet, a smelly locker room, dirty shoes, or any other unpleasant odour, dont smoke it. These musty smells mean that your weed may have gone bad or spoiled during storage. Rotten or infected weed isnt safe to use.

Your weed might smell bad because its rotten, mouldy, or covered in fungus. You might not be able to see a difference, but your nose knows thats somethings wrong. Infested, mouldy, or otherwise spoiled pot can cause infection and lung damage. So you should only smoke up if everything smells right.


Weed definitely has a distinctive smell all its own. The scent can vary from strain to strain, but once you come to know the smell of marijuana, youll love it. It can be hard to recognize the smell of pot at first because its a rich, complicated odour. Just give yourself some time. With experience, youll be able to recognize pot anytime you smell it.

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