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What Is Kush Weed?

What is Kush Weed

If youre a pop culture, hip hop, or marijuana fan, youve probably heard the term Kushbefore. What is Kush weed? Kush is the name of a well-known cannabis variety. Most types of marijuana are usually split into three types, either Sativa, Indica, or hybrid. However, when you learn more about this remarkable plant, youll discover that the strains have been given new names in the vernacular. You might also hear weed described as either Purple, Haze, or Kush. No matter what you call it, the three kinds of marijuana are characterized by specific flavours, smells, effects, and geographic growing regions.

Today, lets learn more about the Kush variety of cannabis. Well explore everything you need to know to enjoy this delicious plant. What is the difference between Kush and weed, you might be asking? Lets find out together.

Where Does The Name Kush Come From?

This is all legend, but most stoners believe that the name Kush is sourced from the Hindu Kush mountain range, which runs through Afghanistan and Pakistan. This region stands out because its one of the few locations where cannabis grows natively. The Kush marijuana variety may have evolved in the Hindu Kush regions, and either way, its associated with that area now.

Kush started out describing one particular strain, but as language changes, the term has come to mean any cannabis strain of top quality. Thus, Kush is the street name for any high-quality cannabis. Thanks to this trend, almost every strain of top-quality cannabis has been renamed Kush. This naming convention is especially true in Canada.



All About Kush

The Kush variety enjoys widespread popularity in both the medical and recreational pot communities. Kush is commonly known to be potent, reliable, and readily available. What is Kush marijuana? You might have heard of common Kush varieties such as Purple Kush, Skywalker OG, Bubba Kush, and more.

If your buddies ask, what is Kush weed? You can help teach them what Kush looks like. Kush is a dark green plant with a rich, deep colouration. You might even see faint hints of purple in the leaves, explaining how Purple Kush gets its name. Kush buds are visibly dense and chunky, with hairs or pistils that are orange, bronze, or rust-coloured.

The taste and smell of Kush tend to be earthy and even floral. Depending on the mix of terpenes found in the plant, Kush can smell like:

  • Sweet incense
  • Fruit
  • Citrus
  • Spices 
  • Hash
  • Pine trees
  • Gas
  • Herbs
  • Generally pungent


Talking about flavour, Kush usually features floral and grape-like tones. It can also taste like citrus or even earthy or diesel-inspired flavours. However, Kush is also very smooth when smoked or vaped. Different people also identify different combinations. If youre sharing a Kush joint with a buddy, the two of you may very well notice different tastes.

What is Kush weed, and what does it feel like? Kush comes with heavy effects, including a strong feeling of sedation. So if you like to hang out and relax on the couch when you get high, Kush sounds right up your alley. Kush also helps people become introspective to enjoy valuable insights into themselves and the world around them.

If youre asking what the difference between Kush and weed is, remember that Kush is just one variety of marijuana. Kush also has substantially different effects on various people. Some users only experience mild effects from Kush, while others go out of this world. This is partly due to personal characteristics such as age, gender, experience, tolerance, and more. However, aspects of the plant, such as growing conditions, also impact how it feels.

What Kind Of Marijuana Is Kush?

What is Kush marijuana? If youre curious about this, we know you might be wondering whether Kush is an Indica or Sativa strain. Most marijuana experts believe that the original strain of Kush, found in the Hindu Kush region, is Indica. Today, we know that many strains have unique properties that create different effects. True Kush will either be full Indica, or if not, its a hybrid blend that contains Indica primarily.

That said, it can be challenging to find pure Kush Indica strains these days. The question of what Kush weed is is evolving. Many modern growers prefer resistant hybrids over pure strains. If you can find a grower or a brand that genuinely respects the power and history of Kush, they probably grow it with the original, higher Indica percentage.



What Does Kush Feel Like?

Many people are curious about precisely what Kush weed is and what it feels like to use this potent plant. Get Kush strains famously offer outstanding results and effects. Most people report feeling casual and relaxed on Kush, but theyre also enjoying themselves. When you use Kush, you can expect to feel happy, relaxed, content, and giggly, all at the same time.

What is Kush weeds best variety? There are many opinions about the best kind of Kush available. This question can start lively conversations among pot lovers. So the next time you smoke up, you should ask your friends what kind of Kush is best. The debate will start a great conversation, and you might get some valuable tips on new varieties to try.

Many weed lovers agree that OG Kush is hard to beat when it comes to what’s popular. The original has a long legacy and is loved for a reason. However, if youre looking for something strong, Ghost OG is the Kush with the highest THC levels. 

Keep in mind that the best Kush for you is simply the blend you like most. You should feel free to explore different strains, mixes, and products to find your favourite Kush. THC isnt the only consideration in finding a great blend. Other factors such as additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavour profiles, growing conditions, and more impact how you enjoy Kush. Get to know this fantastic plant and enjoy your search for the finest Kush blend. Find sources of Kush weed now at sites such as CannabisOntario, WeedMaps, WeedList, and BCWeedDelivery.

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