5 Tips to Dose & Enjoy High-THC Cannabis Edibles

5 Tips to Dose Enjoy High THC Cannabis Edibles

Although not a novelty, eating cannabis products is ever-increasing in popularity and a hot trend among users today. 

Humans have incorporated weed into food for centuries, and archaeological findings of the practice date back over 1,000 years. Evidence of ancient marijuana use is found across China and India. Cannabis grows wild in Central Asia. Weed plants are commonly found at the base of mountains in well-watered areas. 

In recent years, the options have kept expanding, allowing consumers to choose from a wide variety of different weed edibles. The selection ranges from gummies, baked goods, and drinks to candy, syrup, and tinctures. Edibles can be offered at different potencies, as well. Marijuana dispensaries carry an array of safe-to-eat weed products. 

Edibles Continue to Surge in Demand

Edibles are a popular choice because they offer the option of being able to get high without inhaling any smoke. Many people are sensitive to consuming marijuana smoke or just don’t like it. Marijuana fans can rely on edibles as an alternative to obtain the effects of THC. Whether you are looking for an alternative to smoking weed or simply want to switch things up, edibles are the way to go. 

Also, consuming cannabis in this way is proven to have a longer-lasting high. When marijuana is eaten, its chemical composition is broken down slowly by the digestive system. Overall, THC and other cannabinoids release into the body over a longer period. 

When weed is smoked, it works immediately upon entering the bloodstream. When this happens, effects usually come on quickly but the high dissipates a lot faster. Also, smoking is not recommended for people who have trouble breathing, making edibles a great alternative. 

Here are some tips for dosing and consuming high-THC edibles.

Edibles Continue to Surge in Demand

1. An Edible for Any Occasion 

These cannabis treats have gone a long way since the hash brownie days of the ’60s. They can come in different strains and potency. Sativa, indica, and hybrids are the three types of cannabis and offer users different effects. Keep in mind that edibles tend to have a stronger head-high and sedateness than smoking flower alone. The effects can last upwards of three hours.

Sativa — Edibles that are made from this strain typically have uplifting qualities. They are categorized for having less of a body high and more cerebral effects. Sativa strains are a common option for daytime use. Users who are seeking pain or stress relief and need to stay functioning and awake commonly use sativa strains. Sativa edibles are also a good option for taking an adventure with friends or socializing at an event.

Indica — Users that suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, or loss of appetite frequently choose indica strains. These strains also usually produce a stronger body buzz. These edibles work well for evenings or as before-bed snacks. Indica strains compliment movie nights, bubble baths, and winding down at the end of a long day.

Hybrid Edibles that are made with hybrid plants possess qualities of both sativa and indica strains. Hybrid strains are made by crossbreeding plants containing specific qualities. Each strain has unique effects, which allows users to experience exactly what want. Hybrid edibles truly are the best of both worlds.

2. Proper Dosing and Tolerance

Edibles are made with cannabis oil. Anything from weed distillate, hashish, or cannabinoid crystals can be used to make THC-rich fat solutions, such as butter and oil. These can then be added to food to make cannabis-infused desserts and even to gelatin to make gummies. 

It is important to know about the correct dosing of edibles. You want to make sure you’re taking the right amount for the occasion and your body chemistry. If you do too much, there is no quick solution to get back to normal. Waiting it out is the only way to make side effects go away, so it’s better to be on the safe side and take a smaller test dose.

The standard dose is 10 milligrams of THC. For someone who is new to cannabis, it is recommended they eat less than that. Typically, it takes 30-60 minutes for an edible to start kicking in. It can also take up to two hours before you feel the full effects of the dose. Edibles can have anywhere from 5-100 milligrams of THC. 

Experienced users should also take the time to familiarize themselves with dosing since edibles have slightly different effects than smoking herb. Every user has a unique tolerance and may react to marijuana differently.

Your tolerance builds up over time as you take in cannabis. A high tolerance means you are smoking regularly and will need to ingest more on average to feel the same high. If you smoke or ingest marijuana daily, it’s a good idea to take a break on occasion. Doing so will restore the effects of cannabis. This can be done by taking a hiatus anywhere from a few days to even months. Even skipping or rotating days can help keep your tolerance from building up.

Proper Dosing and Tolerance

3. Full vs. Empty Stomach

Whether you eat an edible on a full or empty stomach can also influence the results. When using edibles on an empty stomach, the product will kick in faster and heavier. In addition, users are cautioned to be careful when drinking alcohol and mixing cannabis. Mixing weed and booze can have unwanted consequences and amplify the intensity of both substances.

4. Read the Label

Make sure to always read packaging details and instructions carefully. You never want to blindly eat products containing cannabis. Dosing may vary in potency from brand to brand. Stick with pre-made and measured edibles at first before trying homemade ones. DIY edibles can be wonderful, but dosing in such treats is extremely unreliable. When it comes to consuming cannabis, it’s good to stick with consistent THC levels.

5. Choose Your Surroundings

And finally, if consuming edibles is something new, it’s smart to try them in a safe environment. You want to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed in the surroundings. Cozy places and easygoing events are good for beginners. 

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