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Best Weed Strains For Insomnia

Best Weed Strains For Insomnia

Cannabis has the reputation of providing users relaxing and sedative sensations that can be useful for insomnia. However, some marijuana strains are much more suited for this purpose than others. So what are the best weed strains for insomnia? If you have sleep issues and want cannabis to remedy, you want the most sedating weed strains. 

Also, buds produce more of a couch-lock sensation when the THC matures and breaks down. Furthermore, certain terpenes found in cannabis, such as Caryophyllene and Myrcene, possess sedative qualities. So let’s take a look at some of the best marijuana strains for insomnia.


 Best Weed Strains For Insomnia
Purple Kush

Purple Kush 

The Purple Kush cannabis strain, originally called Oaksterdam, is a pure Indica variety hailing from California. It came about as a cross between the Hindu Kush and the Purple Afghani cannabis strains to create a potent offspring reaching THC levels as high as 17%-28%. These qualities make it one of the best weed strains for insomnia. Its characteristic dense, bright-green buds with deep purple hues are covered heavily with purple hairs and sugary trichomes. In addition, the Purple Kush weed strain produces the aroma and flavour of tangy grapefruit with a touch of spice. 

The Purple Kush marijuana strain has strong sedative properties making it among the best marijuana strains for sleep conditions. It also helps treat various medical conditions, such as chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation from arthritis, nausea, and muscle spasms. Those with depression, PTSD, or anxiety disorders can also benefit from this potent strain. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory effects, Purple Kush is particularly well suited for treating chronic inflammatory conditions such as lupus. 


Northern Lights

Northern Lights weed ranks as one of the best marijuana strains for insomnia. This Indica-dominant Northern Lights cannabis strain crosses between Thai and Afghani cannabis varieties and consists of 95% Indica and 5% Sativa genetics. With THC levels that can reach up to 26%, this potent strain is not ideal for novice users but produces a relaxed and focused high for those who are more experienced with cannabis use. In addition, the Northern Lights weed strain has densely packed buds, which produce a luscious aroma of citrus and pine with floral notes.  

The medical use for the Northern Lights marijuana strain ranges from chronic pain and migraines to the treatment of psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Also, it is one of the best weed strains for sleep. Because of its high potency and ability to promote appetite, Northern Lights also treat eating disorders like anorexia. This strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors – preferably in a hydroponic setup to maximize your yields. 


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie cannabis is one of the best medical marijuana for insomnia. Created by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison strains, the Cherry Pie marijuana strain is a pure Indica strain. It has an average THC level that falls between 16% and 24%. You can find dense buds coated in orange hairs all over the plant. These buds are then covered in crystalline trichomes, giving them a silver sheen and resinous texture. Its scent profile likens itself to a combination of earthy spice, blueberries, and cherries. When smoked, users experience a fruity taste that translates into herbal and floral notes upon exhale. 

The high created by the Cherry Pie weed strain is one of relaxation and uplifting mood. Therefore, it’s a good option for those who like to supplement their creative energy with weed. As for medical marijuana users, you can use the Cherry Pie cannabis strain to lessen the effects of appetite loss, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. In addition, the relaxative and calming effects are ideal for easing the mind of insomniacs. Therefore, it is one of the best cannabis strains for sleep.



Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush

The Bubba Kush cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid and one of the most sought-after relaxants available on the market today. The strain is a mix of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa varieties and boasts an average of 25% THC content. Furthermore, a taste of the Bubba Kush weed strain will give way to a primarily dank flavour enriched with sweet and peppery notes. The buds themselves have an aroma reminiscent of cocoa or coffee with a hint of fruitiness. 

The Bubba Kush marijuana strain is known for its heavy sedative effects and can help relieve anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It is one of the most sedating weed strains available. This strain can also help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, as it can help counteract symptoms such as chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Overall, Bubba Kush remains among the most popular and in-demand strains in Canada and beyond.


Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain was first created in California by crossing the Durban Poison and OG Kush strains. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid, with a 60% Indica, 40% Sativa ratio, and an impressive 28% THC level. The Scout Cookies weed strain’s aroma and taste are closely reminiscent of oven-baked treats, with a flavour profile including lemon, peppermint, and yeast bread. In addition, the plants can range from bright green to hints of purple when grown in colder environments. 

The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain is one of the most potent cannabis strains available in Canada. Its high strength has been highly effective at treating chronic pain, muscle cramps, inflammation, and alleviating stress disorders. Also, it is one of the best weed strains for insomnia. The strain is also helpful in treating nausea and improving appetite among those undergoing cancer treatment. So it’s no wonder Girl Scout Cookies has received numerous awards for its potency and medicinal effects. 

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