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How To Smoke A Joint

How to Smoke a Joint

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

Now that marijuana laws are evolving, many people are entering the pot market. So whether you’re returning to your favourite herb after years away or are curious about how to smoke a joint for the very first time, you’re in the right place! This guide is designed to help you learn how to get high and explore the newly legalized magic of marijuana.

Joints are one of the most classic and recognizable ways of using pot. These cannabis cigarettes are the second-most popular smoked substance on Earth, coming in only after tobacco. Cultures worldwide have enjoyed marijuana for centuries, if not longer. 

In North America, a marijuana cigarette is commonly called a joint. In the United Kingdom, this same product is known as a spliff. Whatever the name, these smokables are made with translucent rolling papers wrapped around marijuana, cannabis, or weed. 

Today, you can find rolling papers in a variety of sizes, qualities, and brands. Organic papers are even available. Whenever you can, treat yourself to the best rolling papers you can afford. Look for organic papers made of wood pulp, rice, corn, hemp, or wood fibers. This will help you learn how to smoke weed without a pipe in the most enjoyable way possible.

Rolling papers make up the outside of a joint, but what’s on the inside? The answer is simple: marijuana.

Knowing how to smoke a joint opens up your options for other similar products like spliffs and blunts. These are excellent choices for how to smoke weed without a pipe. Blunts are very similar to joints and only contain marijuana. The main difference is that blunts are rolled with tobacco papers instead of rolling papers. This causes blunts to look more like cigars than joints do. In most of North America, spliffs contain a mix of tobacco and marijuana. Remember that the term spliff varies around the world. In parts of Europe and the United Kingdom, a spliff is a cannabis cigarette. 

If you want to hide your weed habits from nosy neighbours, roommates, or family members, spliffs with tobacco can help mask the marijuana scent.

How to Smoke a Joint 3

How To Roll A Joint

Learning how to roll a joint is a vital part of how to get high! The process might seem complicated, but it’s a skill anyone can pick up through a bit of practice. You also don’t need many supplies. Simply gather your favourite cannabis strain and some rolling papers to get started.

You can smoke joints with or without a filter tip. The tip is a useful mouthpiece that helps you keep bits of burning pot out of your mouth. If you’re smoking in a group of friends, it’s also nice to have a clearly defined end where everyone’s mouth should go. However, filters and tips are a matter of personal preference. Some people decide to go without, and that’s fine.

Joint Smoking Etiquette

Group smoking etiquette is also an essential part of how to smoke a joint. Cannabis can be a fantastic group activity, and it’s a good idea to understand common social rules before you smoke up. 

First, the person who rolls the joint for the group will usually light it. This is good news for beginners because you don’t need to know how to light a joint right away. There’s time to learn, and most smokers will be happy to teach you. If the roller asks you to light it, go ahead and get the party started.

The “puff puff pass” rule is followed by most North American potheads. In Canada and the United States, it’s normal to take two or three puffs before passing the joint to the next person. However, some European cultures hold onto the joint as long as they like before passing it along. You can watch other people in your group for an idea of what to do.

Even if you’re between puffs, try not to hold onto the joint too long. It’s common to get so involved in the group conversation that you forget to pass the bud around. Instead, simply hand it over if you realize you’ve held the joint for a long time.

Finally, try not to leave a wet patch on the tip of the joint. Learning how to light a joint can be tricky when the rolling papers are damp. However, you can roll your lips in when you inhale for a dryer experience. Now that you know how to smoke a joint and be a considerate marijuana user, you’re ready to get high!


How to Smoke a Joint 2

In Conclusion on How to Smoke a Joint

So how do you prefer to smoke you joints? Let us know any tips and tricks you have on how to smoke a joint.  There are many creative ways to smoke weed and we’d love to learn creative and fun ways to smoke joints and blunts. And if you are looking for some premium cannabis to fill those joints, you can visit Daily Marijuana and find over 100 of Canada’s most popular cannabis strains. Order now and save 20% off your first order, get rewards points, and unlock fun gifts. 

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