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How To Make A Sploof All By Yourself In Three Easy Steps

How To Make A Sploof All By Yourself In Three Easy Steps

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

If your current living situation isn’t very weed-friendly, you need to learn how to make a sploof. But, you might be asking, what is a sploof? A sploof is a tool that helps you mask the attention-grabbing scent of marijuana flowers so you can enjoy pot without judgement. Since cannabis is legal in Canada, this is not as important as it was before, but it’s still a good idea to be a courteous weed smoker

Making a sploof can be a little tricky the first time, but learning this skill is well worth the investment. Commercial sploofs can cost around $50 and need to be replaced. You can save money and take control of your life by learning how to make a sploof of your own.

How To Make A Sploof All By Yourself In Three Easy Steps 2

Materials You’ll Need

There’s no need to go to a hardware or specialty store to make a sploof. Most of your materials are essential household goods you can find at any grocery or department store. Another perk of making a sploof of your own is to customize the scent, longevity, and more. Gather these materials to get started:

  • Cylindrical tube. The tube will hold your filtering agent, so make sure your materials can meet this requirement. Look for items like plastic bottles, empty toilet paper tubes, or even a lip balm tube in a pinch.
  • Filtering substance. This is the material that masks and absorbs your marijuana smell. For example, you can use scented paper towels, dryer sheets, activated charcoal, and more. You don’t need to use commercial products, either. Herbs and scented oils work well in a sploof. The stronger the scent, the better your results.
  • Duct tape or elastic bands. These materials will hold your sploof together.

You’ll also need a pair of scissors.


How To Make A Sploof All By Yourself In Three Easy Steps 3

Making A Sploof

  1. Prepare Your Container

Some kinds of cylinders are ready to use as-is. Toilet paper tubes, ABS pipes, and similar objects are already prepared. However, plastic bottles will need some additional work. First, bore holes into the bottom of your bottom using a sharp knife or scissors. Your holes need to be large enough for smoke to pass through but don’t make them so big that your filter agent will fall out.

When you’re learning how to make a weed sploof, make sure that your container is strong enough to hold your filtering agent. A toilet paper tube is too weak to hold activated charcoal, for example.


  1. Prepare The Base

Cover an open end of your tube with a dryer sheet, paper towel, toilet paper, or another thin piece of fabric. Secure the base firmly with duct tape or an elastic band. You can also try using paper tape.

If you’re using a plastic bottle, make sure to cover the bottom of the bottle where you added the holes. Your covering should be thin enough to allow smoke to pass through. Secure your cover with duct tape or elastic.

Be sure that your cover isn’t too lightweight to support your filter. Toilet paper may be too thin for some filters, so adjust your sploof as needed.


  1. Add Your Filter

Finally, stuff your filtering material into the tube. Make sure not to tear your covering when you’re learning how to make a sploof because this will destroy all your hard work. 

The amount of filter will vary based on what you’re using. However, we suggest starting with the following amounts:

  • Three to four dryer sheets
  • Measure activated charcoal so it won’t tear through the base covering
  • A handful of scented petals or herbs
  • Drop essential oils or fabric softener onto toilet paper, then bunch this up to add to the sploof

After you add your filter, put in a layer of plain toilet paper. This keeps your filtering agent out of your mouth. You don’t want to taste your filter, after all. Now that you know how to make a sploof, you’re ready to use it.


How To Use A Sploof

What is a sploof is one question, and how to use a sploof is another issue. Your cannabis sploof is a simple tool that helps hide the smell of weed. Smoke up like normal, but when you exhale, breathe out into the mouth of the sploof. All your smoke goes into the sploof, where the distinctive marijuana odour is hidden by your filtering agents.

Make sure all your smoke goes into the sploof, or people around you might be able to smell your weed. This defeats the purpose of making your sploof in the first place. Now that you know what a sploof is, you can continue your cannabis lifestyle without bothering the people around you.

Final Words

Now that we know what a sploof is and how to use it, let’s find some top-grade cannabis flowers for you to smoke! Try out Daily Marijuana’s online dispensary and find some of the best cannabis strains in Canada. Just be warned, their buds are so potent in effects and in smell that you will be needing a sploof if you are looking to be discreet. Daily Marijuana buds are known to smell wonderfully strong!

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