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What are the Different Types Of Cannabis Edibles?

What are the Different Types Of Cannabis Edibles

Since eating cannabis has become increasingly popular over recent years, lets cover the types of edibles you can find at cannabis dispensaries. 


You can find a wide variety of different weed edibles ranging from classic baked goods to modern choices like gummies. 

Ask your favourite weed dispensary about their inventory to see the different types of edibles available in your town. In the meantime, explore this list to get started.

Baked Edibles

Some of the most popular types of marijuana edibles are delicious baked goods. Baked edibles are what many people imagine when they think of edibles. THC is infused into an ingredient and added to the baking process. Baked edibles tend to be sweet desserts such as cookies or brownies.

What are the Different Types Of Cannabis Edibles?

Pot Brownies

A classic example of edibles, pot brownies are well-known for their taste and potency. Youve probably seen special brownies in a movie, TV show, or another piece of pop culture. If you have a sweet tooth, this is one of the first types of weed edibles you should try.

What are the Different Types Of Cannabis Edibles?

Weed Cookies

After brownies, cannabis cookies are also very popular. Cookies are a great choice to make at home because its easy to bake a big batch to share. You can also look for gourmet cookies amongst the types of edibles at dispensaries.


Weed Candy

Dessert lovers can expand beyond baked goods and into the realm of candies. Cannabis candies are increasingly popular thanks to their great taste and fun textures. Some are easy to make at home, while others are best left to the experts.

How To Make THC Weed Gummies 3

If youre looking for different weed edibles to try, turn to weed gummies. These candies are exploding in popularity now that pot is legalized in Canada. Purchase a batch from your local dispensary for easy dosing, or try making your own at home using THC distillate and a gummy recipe.


Chocolate Cannabis

Cannabis Chocolate

Rich and creamy marijuana chocolates are a delicious treat for any chocolate lover. Unfortunately, weed chocolates are very challenging to make if youre not an expert cook of all the different types of edibles. Luckily, its easy to find these candies at dispensaries throughout Canada.


THC Syrup

THC syrup proves that edibles arent restricted to solid foods. THC-infused syrups, jams, and jellies are the perfect way to take wake-and-bake to a new level. Just add a bit of syrup to your morning toast, pancakes, waffles, or other breakfast food for a fantastic experience first thing in the morning.

Weed Tea

Cannabis tea might not be one of the most popular marijuana edibles, but this calming method has a devoted following. You can create a relaxing experience by infusing THC into your favourite cup of tea. Expect to notice the effects within 1 to 2 hours of finishing your brew. You might be feeling it for the rest of the day, making cannabis tea a great choice when you want to relax.

Cannabis Capsules

THC in capsule form isnt food, but technically it is a type of weed edible. Capsules are usually taken by medicinal users instead of for recreational purposes. THC pills come in pre-portioned doses, making them ideal for people who dont want to overconsume. In addition, capsules are easy to use, discrete, and offer a tasteless, direct approach to THC. So if you dont want to smoke and avoid sugary dessert edibles, cannabis capsules might suit you.


Weed tinctures are also amongst the types of edibles at dispensaries. Tinctures are cannabis extracts in liquid form, designed to be consumed orally. You can apply tinctures directly under your tongue for immediate absorption or add them to tea or beverages for a more comprehensive approach. Tinctures and oils are similar, but tinctures are made by soaking cannabis in alcohol or water. Tinctures are another product loved by medicinal users, but some people do prefer them for recreational purposes.

In Conclusion

There are many different weed edibles to explore besides these most popular categories. Whether you want to try your hand at making a batch or leave the cooking to the experts, there are tons of different types of cannabis edibles to try. Check out all the types of edibles at online dispensaries such as Daily Marijuana to find quality weed edibles that will expand your cannabis lifestyle. Buy cannabis edibles online in Canada with confidence and save big at the same time!

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