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A Beginner’s Guide On How To Roll A Cone Joint

A Beginner’s Guide On Hoe to Roll a Cone Joint

Worldwide, smoking a joint is one of the most popular ways to enjoy marijuana. However, different cultures also use the names doobies, spliffs, fatties, Js, and more when referring to joints. Joints are so widespread that lots of weed lovers want to learn guide on how to roll a cone joint. This skill might seem complicated, but its one you can learn with a bit of practice. 


Lets explore rolling cone joints in a few easy steps.

First, youll need these supplies:

  • Rolling papers
  • Filter tips or materials to make your own

You can also use a cannabis grinder and a rolling tray, but you can always just break up the buds with your fingers and roll them on your table.

Guide on How To Roll A Cone Joint

Step 1: Break Up or Grind Up Your Herbs

The first step of how to roll a cone joint is to grind your marijuana. Use your favourite cannabis strain. Whatever you prefer is the best choice for you! If THC isnt legal where you live, you can always go with CBD cannabis which contains less than 0.3% THC.

Grind your herbs with a grinder or with your fingers. Make sure that your weed is dried correctly for the best results. If your pot is still wet or fresh, let it fully dry before grinding it.

When using your fingers to grind it, be careful not to grind your trichomes along with the plant material. Trichomes contain all the active cannabinoids like THC and CBD, so they must stay intact.

Guide on How To Roll A Cone Joint

Step 2: Make Your Filter

Using a filter is optional but can make for a smoother, more enjoyable joint. If youre using a pre-made filter or crutch, skip ahead to step 3. If youre learning how to make a filter along with how to roll a cone joint, keep reading. 

Use a thin piece of cardboard or a thick piece of paper, such as a cereal box or a postcard. Fold your filter into the perfect size for your joint, making sure not to go too big or too small. Try using a spiral roll, create a filter with a few extra folds, or just stick with the classic Mshape when rolling cone joints.

Guide on How To Roll A Cone Joint

Step 3: Fill Your Rolling Paper

Lay one of your rolling papers open on your rolling tray. When you study your paper, youll notice that it usually comes creased in the center. Not every rolling paper brand uses this crease, but creased papers are often easier to use.

Place your filter at one end of the rolling paper, centered on the paper. Then add your ground pot to the rolling paper. Use the crease as the midpoint and fill the entire paper, so your weed is evenly spaced. If your pot isnt even, simply adjust before moving on.

Once your pot is evenly arranged, its time to gain practical experience in how to roll a cone joint. Add slightly more as you move away from your filter tip, leading towards the other side. You should notice your joint is turning cone-shaped already. Make sure your marijuana is spread evenly and is arranged like a baseball bat. If you dont see this classic shape, simply take a break and start again.


Step 4: Rolling Your Cone Joint

This is the most exciting step in how to roll a cone joint: roll your J. Carefully pick up your rolling paper, then gently use your thumb and index finger to compress the buds while you start to roll. Aim to roll as smoothly as you can. Dont worry if some pot spills out onto your rolling tray. Everybody spills a little when rolling. You can always save that bud for next time.

Once your joint is smoothly and tightly rolled, seal it by licking the upper end of the paper. When youre rolling cone joints, licking the seal helps it stay together. Then, use your fingers to secure it further.

Next, tap the filter end of your joint onto your tray to compact the weed within the joint. You can also use a pen to push your weed into place. Packing your weed makes some space and creates a gap between the weed and the end of your rolling paper. Twist this extra paper to finish your joint. Thats all there is to it! Now that you know how to roll a cone joint, you can enjoy a classic pot experience any time.

In Conclusion on How to Roll A Cone Joint

When rolling your own cone joint, it is best to tweak our instructions to fit your personal rolling style. People will have different hand sizes and mobility, so rolling cone joints is different for everyone. 

If you want to skip over this whole process, you can buy pre-rolled joints online from trusted sources such as Daily Marijuana. You can also read through their blog section for more informative articles about cannabis and its related products. 

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